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TOURMAP, the international competitive show of cartographic products and guides will celebrate its 10th anniversary. An absolute majority of commercial cartographic production is created for travel & tourism objectives but similar cartographic competitions don’t regard this fact. The major garant of TOURMAP will be CzechTourism (the Czech Tourist Authority) again.

The international jury of TOURMAP views not only the level of cartographic quality of maps and guidebooks, but also the professional aspects, as well (technicality of the product; if information given in the product is actual and useful at least for some stakeholders in the tourism industry).

TOURMAP is a prestigious show not only in the Czech Republic, but all around the world at the same time. We can find the most famous publishers of tourist literature and cartographic products between appliers from all over the world. We can meet with many magnificent products every year which haven´t had any analogy on the market.

Festival Categories:
1) Maps and atlases with touristic content
2) Travel guides
3) Electronic maps and guides

We arranged the exhibition of enrolled products connected with announcement of the most successful publishers on the half of May 2013.

Deadline for sending this cartographic products is April 13th 2013. Let us know about your possible participation, please. That´s how we can prevent of an unwished communication.

With kind regards,
PhDr. Josef Schütz
director of TOURMAP Festival
Americká 42, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic,
Phone: +420 224 250 334,,